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Rants and Ravings of a new dad/SRE/DevOps/Skier/Cyclist


  • Who: Matt Nicholson
  • What: SRE/DevOps guy, new dad, Skier and Cyclist
  • Where/When:
    • Research Computing Specialist @ Harvard University, 2007-2014
      • Built/Maintained/Supported 60K Core HPC cluster, Puppet, Virtualization, multiple PB level storage
    • Senior Systems Administrator @ The Broad Institute, 2014-2015
      • Built/Maintained Openstack based HPC cluster, direct support to software Engineer teams (CI/CD)
    • Senior DevOps Engineer @ Harvard University Medical School, 2015-2016
      • Built/Maintained HIPPA research environment, Built out next gen shared HPC cluster.
    • Site Reliability Engineer @ Spotify, 2016-Present
      • Centralized Logging, Google Cloud, reliability as a product, python.