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Back From the Dead!

So what, 4 years or something close to it without updates? YEASH.

A lot has changed, but I’m hoping to pick this back up a little bit with some updates on thigns I’ve been upto. But first figured I’d do the quick quick quick update of whats happened the last few years:

  • Worked @ Harvard FAS Research Computing (was there ‘06 -> '14) as Research Computing Specialist

  • Left, went to the Broad Institute as Senior Systems Admin, about ~5 months in, DevOps “team” was formed

  • Spent a little over 1 year @ the Broad, working on:

    • Openstack (mostly Nova) for a scalable VM compute farm (lsf+SGE8+Univa)
    • Puppet (Torn down and rebuild mis-used PE environment into Puppet OpenSource, buildt out Puppet in GCE)
    • Docker, lots and lots of docker, integrated with Puppet onsite and in GCE.
    • Jenkins and software dev-ci in general (lots of docker builds/publishes/deploys)
    • Consul, build a few datacenter cluster and connected them, useed for service registration
  • Left the Broad to return to Harvard, this time as Senior DevOps HPC Engineer @ Harvard Medical School

Now that I’m back at Harvard, we’re wokring on a bunch of things, mainly focused around a new HPC cluster build, but lots and lots of other small and big projects as well.

The most exciting part is getting to do a bunch of stuff I’ve done before, but this time “right” or, at least, more planned out.

Stay tuned. I’ve got some posts planned already:

  • Bootstrapping a Puppet 4 (puppetserver 2.x) environment using almost nothing but puppet itself
  • Our version of roles+profiles
  • Why i’m not a fan of ansible, at least for config mgmt(deploys and structured remote exec/orch though are great!)
  • Gems and puppet moduels I’ve started publishing

and hopefully more!