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Follow Up to Lazy: Reboot

Weekend time and time to do a bit of house clenaing. For a bit the macbook pro has beend draining a bit too fast and getting a bit too hot. I’m not convinced its hardware. I did an upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion, and there is a good bit of cruft around. So, I decide to do a nice clean wipe, fresh Lion install, and keep it basic.

How basic?

I normally tend to say/think that all I really need to do 98% of my day to day work is Chrome and a Terminal. One of those is built in. So, a clean reinstall, install Chrome (which I’ve rebased to have very few extensions etc), install RVM, get my gems, pull dotfiles/etc from github, install homebrew for building UNIX app (Thanks to Phil for the recommendation, I already like it far better than macports), get XCode from the app store, and well, thats about it. Really.

I’m going for the minimal number of apps installed. No Office if I can get away with it (Google Docs), no (Gmail/Google Apps), No GUI text editors (VIM!). I’m goign to try to avoid Dropbox, though that won’t last long, but I’m going to give it a thorough cleaning and move lots to github/a private git server.

Thats the next task up, a git server/repo @ home. Might got KVM on my home server, and stand up a handful of minimal VMS, for testing, playing around, sperating services a bit.

More to come!