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On Learning Ruby and a New Task List

Puppet is all ruby base. This blog (octopress), is all ruby based. Ruby seems neat, and I’d like to learn a new language, and I know the only way I’ll evern learn a new one is to have some goal to accomplish.

So, since I’m always looking for a new Todo/Task list option, I’m thinking of writing my own….

I liked todo.txt, and honestly may go back to that at some point, but first I want to try this out. I figure a task list is simple, and I only have the following requirments:

  • Multiple tasks lists/“tags” for tasks, as I want to seperate work from personal, etc etc
  • Simple done/not done functionality.
  • no need for due dates or priority
  • store teh date created and date marked done, incase i want them later.

So, For now I’m thinking:

  • Write this in Ruby.
  • Sqlite .db file to store the data
  • use a Rakefile to run everything?, ala “rake new_list["work”], rake new_task[“get back to work”,“work”], rake complete[task#] “ ?

So, for database tables, I’m thinking:

  • Tasks table store, well, tasks (taskid, status, title, notes, listid(or listids?), date created, date completed)
  • lists table has task list names matched to listids.

Thats it!

ruby + sqlite should to the trick. I can put this in dropbox and keep it in sync everywhere. This doesn’t solve the mobile device use case, but, thisis for learning more than anything.